Survival course – Basic level

Learn with us the basics to survive in hostile conditions

Find out how to orient yourself in the woods, learn to get drinkable water, warming yourself up and building a shelter while waiting for support.

With Sacha we will experience one or two days in the Monte Pisano woods, learning survival techinques and simulating different emergency scenarios.

After a short introductory briefing on what survival actually is and how to behave in unfavorable scenarios, we will begin our journey by orienting ourselves with cartographic and natural resources.

Available activities:

Skills Course: 

Duration: 8 hours

With this activity you can choose from a series of ‘skills’ related to the Survival and Outdoor sector which one of them will be treated from A to Z. A daily program of pure fun practice, which will give you an important expertise that you can enrich along the way.

Available skills: knots course, orientation techniques, fire and hydration techniques, technical program for building emergency shelters,

Additional skills (on request with separate quotation): survival and motion in a river environment, winter or summer module  specific for hikers.

At the end of the course a certificate will be issued.

Skill aggiuntive su richiesta con quotazione a parte: Corso di sopravvivenza e movimento in ambiente fluviale, Modulo invernale o estivo per escursionisti

Alla fine del corso verrà rilasciato un attestato.


Survival course.

Duration: one or two days

A practical course where you will be challenged to find the right solution to survive. Together with Sacha you will learn the skills required to orient yourself, to communicate your position, to hydrate safely, build a shelter and much more. The course can be done in one or two days with overnight stay in the woods.

At the end of the course a certificate will be issued.

We will learn…

Observing the surrounding environment and interpreting all the details that we usually ignore to find the right direction.
Footprints of animals or people, mosses, plants and sounds that we usually do not notice will instead be our best allies to orient us in a hostile environment and lead us to a safe scenario.
We will learn to resist and procure vital resources, how to look for water, how to treat it and make it drinkable. We will discover how to warm up safely, find materials for bait and fire ignition systems with circumstantial techniques.
Finally, we will learn techniques for building emergency shelters using what nature allows us, and much more that you will discover during the activities.
Throughout the excursion, the Guide will follow the group teaching concepts, answering your questions and creating plausible scenarios where you will be asked to find a solution to survive in the best possible way.
The various activities of the day (s), the itineraries and the skills learned may vary according to the weather conditions, the preparation of the group and any seasonal prohibitions. The guide reserves the right to plan activities at his own discretion to ensure the safety of guests and the surrounding environment.
All activities will take place in areas previously designated and well connected to the main escape routes.

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The instructor

Our guide: Sacha Bachini

I was born in Pisa and since I was a child I have developed a passion for nature and outdoor activities. During my career I have practiced different disciplines and worked in various environments, from outdoor activities to medical rescue. Finally, I decided to focus my energies in the survival sector, which contains all the experiences gained in the course of my life. I became a professional instructor by acquiring specific certifications and I founded the SURV-TAC SURVIVAL Association, where I work full time with the aim of transmitting to others the skills I have learned and developed during the years of work in the field.


  • Daily workshop
  • One day basic course in the forest
  • Basic course with overnight stay in the forest

Rates and services

The rate includes

  • Skill Course or Survival Course
  • Association membership and insurance card
  • Teaching materials (see ‘conditions’ section)

The rate does not include

  • Anything not mentioned in the "Rate includes" section
  • Transfers
  • Extra food

Info and conditions

Booking terms and minimum number of participants

Reservations are available up to 72 hours before the event
Minimum 2 participants | Maximum 5 participants

Required documents and minimum age

To participate in the activity: “Survival course”, customers must submit a medical certificate or self-certification of healthy and robust constitution to be delivered on the day of the event
Minimum age 16 with parental consent. For children under 16, the presence of an adult is required. Minimum age allowed 14 years with the accompaniment of a parent
Personal materials such as water bottles or knives are not provided on site for health reasons.

Materials to bring for: "Skills course"

– Clothing suitable for outdoor activities
– Sports shoes (preferably trekking shoes)
– Packed lunch
– Personal water bottle of at least 1 liter recommended in aluminum with cook set
– Personal knife
– Work gloves and protective goggles (Recommended)
– Personal medical kit (Recommended)
– Personal medicines
– Patches
– Disinfectant

Materials to bring for: "Basic level survival course"

– Clothing suitable for outdoor activities
– Sports shoes (preferably trekking shoes)
– Personal water bottle of at least 1 liter recommended in aluminum with cook set
– Personal knife
– Personal medical kit
– Personal medicines
– Patches
– Disinfectant
– Poncho or eyelet towel (Recommended)
– Sleeping bag (Recommended)
– Work gloves and protective goggles (Recommended)
– Personal survival kit (Recommended)
– Lanyard
– Flintlock
– Compass

Terms of cancellation

In case of bad weather the Skill Courses will be postponed. The Survival Course of 1 or 2 days can also take place in case of bad weather, at discretion of the instructor who reserves the right to evaluate the actual feasibility of the “Experience”. If the customer is unable to change the date, 50% of the amount paid as a deposit will be reimbursed (for administrative costs). If the customer does not show up and does not cancel within 24 hours prior to the activity, he will not be refunded. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel the reservation, a refund equal to 50% of the amount paid as a deposit (for administrative costs) will be provided if this occurs within 24 hours of the booked event. After this deadline there will be no refund

"Skills course" rates

Activity: Skill Course
5 People: 68 € each
4 People: € 85 each
3 People: 113 € each
2 People: 169 € each

Rates: "Basic level survival course"

1 day survival course:
5 People: 80 € each
4 People: 100 € each
3 People: 134 € each
2 People: € 201 per person

Survival Course 2 days / 1 night:
5 People: 160 € each
4 People: 200 € each
3 People: € 268 per person
2 People: € 402 per person
For larger groups or special needs separate offers will be formulated

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Survival course – Basic level


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